Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Etsy Wednesday - Vintage Kids' Clothes

I've noticed (and been introduced to) a growing number of vintage childrenswear market stalls lately. I'm a big fan of vintage children's clothes and was so happy to be able to put Coco in dresses I wore as a child. What can I say, my mother NEVER throws anything out! Anyway, I had a look on Etsy for some fun things for my kids and found loads...

Bunny Romper. Too cute. Also, too small for Coco. Pfft.

I really want this coat - it's a bit big but I'm so tempted to buy it and put it away.

 Oh Oh so cute. Hello Alfie's new jumper from this shop...

    Sweatshirt awesomeness.

 And, because you can't have vintage clothes without vintage hangers, I present to you: bear hangers

p.s If you're a Londoner, this us one of the stalls I was talking about (but I have dibs on the Giraffe dress!)...

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