Thursday, 17 May 2012

Etsy Wednesday - Scandinavian

Yes, I know, it's Thursday...

I love me some vintage Scandinavian design and I'm hoping that when we (finally) get some shelves up in this place, I'll at least have an excuse to go buy some vases or something.

Stig Lindberg is one of my favourite designers. I'd pretty much have anything with his name on it. This is no exception.

I need this cookie maker. Who cares if it would take forever to make a batch. It is sublime.

I am a massive Rya rug fan. In fact, I saw one on ebay the other day and almost flipped when I saw that it was £30 and walking distance away. And then I saw the measurements. Enormous. Damn it. This looks more our size. Slightly more than £30 though...

Finally, a little fun, albeit expensive fun. These guys are hilarious. And expensive. So expensive.

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