Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Etsy Wednesday - Spring

It's been much milder in these parts lately to the point that on Sunday I was down to a t-shirt - yippee!
Anyway, spring means daffodils and daffodils are yellow, so my inspiration this week is bright, cheerful yellow. Enjoy!

I'm a big fan of Finnish textile brand Marimekko, so this picnic blanket made from Marimekko fabric easily caught my eye. I love that it rolls up neatly showing off the blue underside with an orange strap... come on picnic season!

If I'm taking that blanket to the park, I'll be needing something to carry the wine in, right? Hello satchel.

LaLa Shoes have the cutest baby shoes. These ones remind of ducklings. Cute ducklings.

And this? This necklace is for me, just because!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Weekend Lazy Links

Things that have caught my eye this week:

Marni for H&M was all over blogs this week, and I like what I see.

The youngest fashion blogger around - adorable!

This coffee snob just might go to Starbucks if they looked like this!

The funniest reading of a post one-night-stand text messaging gone wrong...

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Etsy Wednesday - Whales

I don't know why but, according to my Etsy favourites, I seem to have a soft spot for whales...
Nothing wrong with that when they are as irresistible as this lot:

Loving this tissue holder from Gnome Sweet Gnome! They comes in a few different colours and animals so even if you're not a fan of whales, you're happy!

I REALLY want this vintage chart from Arminho but where do I put it?
Too cute from Circa Ceramics.

Yes please! I'll do the dishes...

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I love...

As We Grow is an Icelandic knitwear range for kids that is so gorgeous it made me pick up my knitting needles again. The colours choices are brilliant and the retro style is so cute, especially the little bows.

So, the question is, given that I still haven't finished the dress I've been knitting for a year (yes, a year!) is it worth me attempting these, or should I just buy them???

Delicious Domesticity - Crispy Honey Nut Granola Bars

So, I know they're not healthy but they're probably better than store bought bars, right? That's the reasoning I use when I make things for the kids...
Read: I really want to eat them but can't justify making them just for me.

Anyway, I found them on Metrocureun through another blog I follow and they seemed pretty easy to make, so with a little help from a certain toddler we whipped them up the other day with ok results. My oven is a little hotter on one side and due to a toy emergency they were left a little too long facing one way and came out slightly (a lot!) browner on one side.

The bars tasted pretty good, but not as good as flapjacks. They did taste great as granola though so if I made them again it would be for a fruit salad and yoghurt breakfast topping. In fact, I might just do that come summer...

Saturday, 18 February 2012

London Cafe - Mouse & De Lotz

This isn't a new cafe for me, in our pre-children days we lived pretty much opposite Mouse & De Lotz, and despite having moved further and then even further away from it, we still try to visit whenever we're nearby.

Managing to feel small and intimate and yet still provide enough room for us to wheel in the monstrosity that is our double pram is no mean feat, but this cafe pulls it off with aplomb. The decor is gorgeous, with a beautiful mural on one wall, pretty jewellery for sale in old display cases, and some great Print Club prints for sale on the walls.

The sandwiches are really good - I can heartily recommend the salt beef. I ate it so quickly, I completely forgot to photograph it... sorry!

Finally, it gets Coco's vote for the chalkboard in the back room. Mine too - when it comes to cafes, a distracted toddler is a good toddler...

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Etsy Wednesday

I love the idea of upcycling because it's a more direct way of recycling; taking something unwanted and giving it a second lease of life. The problem is that a lot of upcycled things are severely lacking in taste. Ugly dresses made of scraps of fabric and weird decorations made of beer bottles do not appeal to me!

But, if you know where to look there are some really creative and interesting things out there, here are a few of my picks:

Mini Magpie has a large collection of adorable baby and childrenswear made from adult jumpers. They're pretty much all 100% wool and the bright colour combinations are really cute. Alfie had a trouser and cardigan set when he was newborn which I loved.

Little Miss Loolies also uses old jumpers but in a different way. They become gorgeous bright floor cushions - I would love to have a couple of these for the kids' room, I know they would love them!

If you like interesting interiors Boots n Gus have a selection of light shades that were bowls and jars in their last life - this is one of my favourites:

The really cool thing about looking at upcycling is that it's got me seeing things I would ordinarily throw out in a new way. In fact, I might keep an eye out for fair isle jumpers and make those cushions myself...

Monday, 13 February 2012

Delicious Domesticity

So, yesterday was baking day in our household (Bob made two delicious loaves of wholemeal bread) and I'm trying to improve my baking skills.

This is tricky given that my 2 year old insists on being involved in the whole process - her contributions seem to be stirring and eating and her stirring skills need improvement...

I realised I read a lot of food blogs and drool over the recipes but don't actually make anything so I have resolved to start baking what I covet!

My first attempt is from a favourite The Bitten Word. The guys on this blog decided to start blogging their attempts at recipes from their vast magazine collection and this recipe is originally from Martha Stewart Living.

I didn't have time for the compote and I wasn't that keen on the ganache (I like the freshness of blood oranges and felt the chocolate might take from that)but the cake is surprisingly easy to make and the result was delicious.

I'm going to make this one again...

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Etsy Wednesday

We moved into our house just before Christmas and while we're a while off actually decorating the kids' room, I'm always on the lookout for things to fill it with. I like the idea of bright colours rather than pastels, not only because I have a girl and a boy, but also because it feels more fun and exciting.

Anyway, I've been looking on Etsy for illustrations and prints for their walls, and have found some brilliant wall-brighteners!

This Melamine bike plate from Ampersand shop is really cute and fun.

How sweet is this bear from Lizzy Stewart?

I love screenprints and Ank Weckermann's shop Linotte has some really lovely quirky pieces.

Given how much Coco loves owls, I have to include this print from iOTA iLLUSTRATION! They do clothes and bags too and the onesies are gorgeous...