Saturday, 18 February 2012

London Cafe - Mouse & De Lotz

This isn't a new cafe for me, in our pre-children days we lived pretty much opposite Mouse & De Lotz, and despite having moved further and then even further away from it, we still try to visit whenever we're nearby.

Managing to feel small and intimate and yet still provide enough room for us to wheel in the monstrosity that is our double pram is no mean feat, but this cafe pulls it off with aplomb. The decor is gorgeous, with a beautiful mural on one wall, pretty jewellery for sale in old display cases, and some great Print Club prints for sale on the walls.

The sandwiches are really good - I can heartily recommend the salt beef. I ate it so quickly, I completely forgot to photograph it... sorry!

Finally, it gets Coco's vote for the chalkboard in the back room. Mine too - when it comes to cafes, a distracted toddler is a good toddler...


  1. I think I went there with Kate...? Is it near her old flat -ish?
    I feel I need a visit to a nice coffee shop , fancy some victoria sponge cake!

  2. yes! It's just around the corner from Kate's old place :-)