Thursday, 26 January 2012

London Cafe - To the Jungle

I admit, I am a coffee snob. I drink flat whites and they had better be good.

When I first arrived in London good flat whites were few and far between. There were chain stores and caffs. At a chain store like Costa or Starbucks the emphasis is on what you can add to the coffee, not how you make it. Grande, mocha, soya latte, anyone? Similarly, a caff is not a cafe. The coffee is hot and contains caffeine, and that is its only requirement.

I need more than that. I need a coffee to be made with love. I missed home.

5 years on and London is catching up.

Unfortunately, double prams and cafes don't always mix well. This is something I did not bargain for about motherhood. Still, I scour the East for any new cafe to try to get my fix. It is a thankless job (lie - I love it).

Anyway, today some friends and our respective troop of toddlers and babies went to our regular Thursday all-singing all-dancing break from reality, where the kids can wear themselves out stomping and cheering and clapping.

Afterwards, when they're all exhausted, we like to grab a coffee and catch up. We chose To the Jungle, a newish cafe near Dalston station. The coffees are good, the cakes are amazing and there's just about enough space for us to cram in!

If you get a chance, I recommend the Red Velvet cake, it's delicious!

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