Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Etsy Wednesday

I have been thinking a lot about bags recently and how horrible mine is!

At the moment I have a small handbag which hardly fits anything in it and acts as a small black hole into which things seem to disappear forever. So, I'm looking for a big bag that I can fit my purse, phone, and a few baby essentials into without losing out on style.

After scouring Etsy, I've found a few that I'm loving at the moment:

This rucksack from Infusion is really pretty and would be great for summery picnics in the park - yes I'm dreaming of summer already!

Artifact Bags have a small but brilliant collection of wax totes, perfect for throwing large amounts of baby stuff in. Plus, they have really useful compartments inside to help me keep track of where my phone is...

Loving this gorgeous Pendleton bag from Carol S Miller

...and this one from Art of Leather is probably the front runner at the moment!

Which one should I get?


  1. Clearly the leather darling is the winner. So long as you don't mind the kids accepting a few dents at the temples this will be both stylish and practical.

  2. dents in the temples are just like dimples, right?