Saturday, 7 April 2012

Lazy Weekend Links

So, I watched The Karate Kid for the first time last night. I somehow missed out on seeing it in the 80's and for the rest of my life, up until last night, just smiled and nodded when anyone ever said "wax on, wax off". No more.

I was amazed at how much the teenagers actually looked like teenagers. All skinny and awkward not like the polished and plucked versions today. It was kind of nice.

Also, surprise!there was Elisabeth Shue, my longterm girl-crush, in her first real role...

Anyway, here's Bat for Lashes' song Daniel (a favourite of mine) which was inspired by the character Daniel in the Karate Kid. It has a whole new meaning for me now.

Tantrums have become a regular occurrence in our household recently so this blog was a great source of amusement for me this week.

When I was at university I had a boyfriend who worked in one of the cooler bars. It always looked really lush and fancy at night. Not so much in the day. This series of photographs of nightclubs the day after reminds of that.

Bless! My friend's 2 year old on Planet Awesome Kid!

Interesting interview with Damon Albarn.

And finally, drum roll please, I have a Pinterest account. Come look, come share!

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