Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Etsy Wednesday - I pad 3

Yesterday Tesco made an error on their website advertising the new ipad 3 for the incredibly low price of £49.90! So many people found out and tried to buy one that the site crashed - ah the internet. Unfortunately Tesco have announced that they will not be honouring the sales - boo Tesco!
So, while you may have to pay full price, here are a few ways to ease the pain:

In addition to being beautiful, this felted cover with a leather strap from Hideware has a special pocket for your headphones - brilliant!

A recycled tweed suit from Green Monkey & co makes a surprisingly good ipad case. Perhaps one for the gentlemen out there?

I like that this is a purse! I don't know why, but the idea of opening a clasp to access my computer appeals to me... And Kailochic have the purse in a couple of other really good fabrics, if birds aren't your thing.

And finally, leather is always a winner. The question is; how on earth would I keep this case from MHK Originals clean?

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