Sunday, 18 March 2012

Etsy Wednesday - Balloon Factory

Every week I post about things I have seen on Etsy that have caught my eye. I wish I could buy everything I like, but I can't. Hey, life is tough...

This, however, is not a post about something I covet. Not any more, anyway. This is a post about something I own.

You see, when I can scrape out an hour or so sans monsters, I have a book I am working on. I say this with a wry smile as such opportunities do not present themselves very often at the moment - I am hanging out until summer when Alfie will hopefully (oh my Lord, he better) be sleeping through the night.

Anyway, in preparation for this I have bought a little Balloon Factory from Pearson Maron for me to stare at when I can't think of the right word. I need these kinds of things in my life. Pointless silliness.

I am in love.

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